Fairy Blossoms

IMG_8565Eagerly, I would watch for them in the spring, generally at the beginning of May. When I was a child, I awaited the arrival of these tiny flowers with great anticipation. First I would see the heart shaped leaves in the lawn, mostly under trees, once I spotted the leaves I became even more impatient. Soon though, the blossoms would pop up, almost overnight. The yard, dotted with white, blue, and purple became like a fairy land for a tiny, delighted girl. Blonde pigtails bouncing, I’d race to the middle of the thickest patch of violets, drop to my knees and admire the pretty fairy-like blossoms. Before long my bib overalls were covered in grass stains. I would spend a long time amidst the violets. Even as a child, I had a deep and intimate connection with nature. Left alone, free from my many siblings bothering me, I spent hours marveling at the beauty of things.

Random 241At the beginning of May, violets had my sole attention. Often I picked a violet and twirled it around in my fingers, just delighting in it. Violets were enchanting, I could make more than just a bouquet with them; I would lace them together to make rings and stick them in my hair. The blooming of the violets coincided with mom’s birthday, as a gift I would pick a handful of violets trying my best to get an even amount of whites, blues, and purples. With one hand I’d pick the flowers, and without looking transferring them to the other until it was full. My tiny fist full of flowers, I’d run back to the house to find a vase for them.  I had such joy in brining this little gift to mom and having her receive it with pleasure. One year with some help, I managed to make a surprise cake for her and decorated it with violets.

IMG_8566Now as an adult, I still admire the splendor of the violets dotting the lawn. Sadly though, I rarely take the time to just sit amidst a patch of them anymore except when mom asks me to pick them for customers. I shall take time this year, however, to sit in a patch and enjoy them again like I once did. Indeed, I was brought back to kneeling in the violets by watching my nieces among them.

Random 296About a week ago, my niece, Therese asked if she could pick violets but I told her there weren’t any to pick yet. Due to the cold spring, the violets were late in blooming. This week, however, they filled the lawn with their pretty blossoms. My nieces were back on Wednesday. Immediately they set about picking violets throughout the yard. Therese, Elena, and Alexis each had picked blossoms to make a bouquet for their mom. Isabel only watched them. Then with care, Therese put them in a dog bowl, which hadn’t been in use for while, and filled it with water. It was wonderful to watch the girls enjoy the violets too. Little girls are drawn to such things as tiny blossoms.

Random 247Later, I watched with joy as Isabel and Alexis sat among the violets. They seemed filled with pleasure at these dainty blossoms, smiles spread across their faces. Admiring a blossom, Isabel lifted it to her face to show me. I smiled back. The violet combined with the blonde pigtails reminded of the little girl I once was and my love for violets. Watching Isabel, I saw myself, not much older than a toddler, picking violets.

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