Geese 022Round, bright yellow, the sun was a glowing orb sinking over the western horizon. It went with a flash. Streaks of gold and orange spread out from it, reflecting off the few clouds in the sky. It was perfect in all its splendor. Like a painting, brushed by the master’s hand. As it sank lower, the light radiating from it turned from brilliant gold and orange to a light pink, lavender. It was truly breath taking. If only the trees hadn’t been blocking part of the splendor. If only I could have climbed to the top of a hill with a clear view of the western sky and horizon. I would have sat and watched it until it had completely disappeared from the sky and darkness descended. I wish I would make the time to watch the sun set more often and stay until it completely disappeared. As a child, when my sister was home for the summer, we would walk up to the top of the farm’s eastern hill and watch the sun sink down over the western horizon. Sometimes our youngest brother would join us. Usually we would sit in silence; otherwise we would speak our appreciation in excited whispers. We waited for the orange radiance to disappear beyond the western hill before going back to the house.

Note: This is another journal entry from my writing class at the University of Minnesota at Morris


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