A Comforting Nook

There were many special places on my childhood farm that I loved. One spot that I liked to go to on a warm, sunny day was in one of the pastures. On a side of a hill the ground dips down a little, slopping with the hill, deep enough that I could sit in it and be blocked from the wind blowing out of the north, west, or east. The grass was so green, and whether from its position or from the cows, the grass seemed to always stay short in this area. It faced south, so the bright afternoon sun would kiss it with warmth and light. There were a few wildflowers growing sporadically dotting the green hill side with yellows, whites, pinks, and purples sprinkled with a painter’s brush. Although I was usually drawn to trees, I enjoyed this spot because the warmth of the sunshine on my body (as I stretched out like a cat) and the touch of the soft grass was comforting and so very peaceful. The sunshine and grass enveloped me in a sweet embrace. And the delicious smell of grass and wildflowers tickled my nose. Fluttering, fleeting shadows of birds swooping in the sky passed along the ground, their songs, thrills, whoops, and hollers reaching my ears. I would sit quietly and soak it all up. I found peace and joy while lying or sitting there, before I finally returned to the yard and the chores awaiting me.

Blossoms 055


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